Laser Sensors

Laser Ride Height Sensor

A small, lightweight Ride Height Sensor designed to be used in many on-vehicle applications from vehicle ride height to suspension travel. The sensor is available in different measuring ranges from 200mm to 500mm. The sensor uses a Class 2 Laser to project a dot onto the surface being measured then using triangulation to accurately measure displacement. The sensor is offered with two mounting options and can be supplied with an optional replaceable protective lens cover.

Measurment Rate:4KHz

Unit supply voltage:11V to 30Vdc

±8μm (200mm)

±20-40μm (300mm)

±20-40μm (500mm)


<±0.08%FSO (200mm)

<±0.2%FSO (300mm)

<±0.2%FSO (500mm)

Operating temperature (continuous):0°C to 70°C
Vibration:20g Sinusoidal 50 to 500Hz
Output:1V to 5V