Pressure Equipment

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Test and Calibration Equipment

Range of portable test and calibration equipment to perform functions including pressure indications, and engine sensor testing.

DPI610E:Accuracy and stability up to 1000 bar.
DPI620 GENii:Multipurpose calibrator with pressure, temperature, electrical capabilities.
DPI705E:Pressure indication with accuracy to 0.025% FS.
PV62X:Pressure generating base stations to be paired with the GENii
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Pressure Controllers

High speed, high efficiency pressure control systems ideal for maintaining pressure in test environments.

PACE5000: Single channel pressure controller with precision to 0.001% FS and long term stability up to 0.001% FS.
PACE6000: Dual channel pressure controller chassis that can be used in single, auto-ranging or simultaneous.
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Calibration Management Software

Bespoke calibration management software solution to provide full visibility of all sensors.


Creation of a comprehensive asset and test equipment database

Uncertainty calculations

Drift analysis graph for interval analysis