Thermal Camera

Tyre analyses with the Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera with Logger

This small, lightweight radiometric thermal camera can be used for many on-vehicle applications from tyre monitoring to brakes, radiator and heat exchanger mapping. The camera allows real time monitoring up to 32 pixel points (configurable) via CAN and the ability to log the full image which can be down loaded over USB for future analysis. The camera is supplied with a replaceable lens protector.
Logging rate:10Hz *
FOV:90° x 70° (120 x 84 temperature points) *
Sensing range:-20°C to -1000°C
Logging Memory:32Gb (over 24 hours at 10Hz)
Body material:Alluminium Alloy
Operating temperature:-10°C to +85°C
Vibration:20g Sinusoidal 50 to 2500Hz

* alternative options available.